Ketl Freedman-Doan, President

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Get to know Ketl: TBE has been my spiritual home for over 25 years, and I served on the temple board in various roles for over 10 years.
My daughters attended religious school here from pre-K through high school and loved their experiences going to class,
singing in the choir, and being a part of AARTY. I am honored to be serving as TBE's president during this transition in the life of the congregation.
I will draw on my experiences as Department Head in Psychology at Eastern Michigan University in helping to shepherd in the next generation of TBE leaders.
I look forward to meeting all of you (please introduce yourself a few times - I'm terrible at remembering names!) and getting to learn even more about TBE.


Joe Pollak, Vice President for Administration
Wendy L. Lawrence, Vice President for Fund Development
Steve Lonn, Vice President for Education and Youth
Ronnie Shapiro, Vice President for Finance
Becky Hankin, Vice President for Membership
Alexandria Wood, Vice President for Religious Practice
Abbie Egherman, Vice President for Social Action
Bonnie Keen, Treasurer
Elaine Yeglic, Secretary


Sarah Cohen
Joy Ensor
Susan Gitterman (Genesis Liaison to the TBE Board, appointed by TBE President)
Rachel Glick
Becky Hankin
Margaret Hannon
Barry Levin
Steve Lonn
Dave Ostreicher
Roger Palay
Beth Pearson
Lisa Perschke
Murray Rosenthal
Deb Schild
Jordan Shavit
Jodi Wallo

Genesis Board Members

Lisa Perchke
Murray Rosenthal


Susan Gitterman, Immediate Past President
Noreen DeYoung, WTBE President
Bill Parkus, Brotherhood President