You must be a member of TBE to enroll your child in Religious or Hebrew School.
· Attendance at Hebrew School and Religious School is required for all Bar/Bat Mitzvah candidates. Hebrew is an important skill for all students.


Preschool through Grade 5 of Religious School meets Saturday mornings.

· Preschool 3-5th Grade enjoy a short music class each session.
· We have our own holiday curriculum that focuses on different aspects of the Jewish holidays at each grade level.

Preschool 3
· Parent & Child monthly program designed to allow the parent & child to experience Judaism with a focus on home holiday observance.

Preschool 4
· Holiday Symbols & Shabbat
· Jewish Music & Stories

· Bible Stories (Creation through Moses)
· Holiday Symbols & Celebration
· Jewish music & stories

First Grade
· Consecration
· Introduction to Tzedakah & Mitzvot
· Bible Stories (Moses through Jonah)
· Jewish Holidays

Second Grade
· Introduction to Hebrew Alphabet
· Jewish Symbols and Ritual Objects
· The Synagogue: the Place, the People, the Symbols
· Torah: its Creation, its Parts, its Importance
· Jewish Holidays
· Trip to Shalom Street Jewish Children's Museum

Third Grade
· Israel: Land and People
· Torah Study
· Jewish Holidays
· Hebrew School begins with the basic Aleph-Bet, beginning reading, writing & prayers.

Fourth Grade
· Jewish Calendar
· Prophets, Judges, and Kings
· Jewish Holidays
· Hebrew- reading fluency, cursive writing, prayers & some conversational skills

Fifth Grade
· Jewish choices throughout history: Ancient Babylonia through Modern Israel
· Tzedakah (Mitzvah heroes & social action project)
· Hebrew-reading fluency, prayer vocabulary development and understanding, some  conversational skills.



Grades 6-10 of Religious School meet Sunday evenings.

Sixth Grade
· Jewish Life Cycle & Jewish Ethics
· Torah Study
· Bar/Bat Mitzvah Parent & Child Education (2 sessions)
· Hebrew- review prayers, lead standard Shabbat services, study Torah service in depth & gain some conversational skills.

Seventh Grade
· Study of Mitzvot
· Hands-on Social Service Projects
· Hebrew- B'nai Mitzvah Preparation with Cantor Hayut

Eighth Grade
· Modern Jewish History, Life in Eastern Europe, Ashkenazic & Sephardic Cultures, Immigration to America & Jewish Life in America
· Hebrew- Monday afternoon class focusing on Conversational Hebrew.

Ninth Grade
· Ethical Dilemmas: A Jewish Perspective
· Holocaust
     -Trip to Holocaust Memorial in West Bloomfield
· Israel- Modern History
· Madrichim (Classroom Aide) Training Program (once a month)

Tenth Grade - Confirmation (Taught by Rabbi Whinston)
· Spirituality & Kabbalah
· Liturgy & Writing a Service
· Confirmation Dinner and Service

11th-12th Grade Seminars
· "Jews on the Edge: Exploring Radical Jewish Culture" (First semester)
· "Henini, Now Who am I?" (second semester)




· Classroom and office aide opportunities for students in grades 10-12.



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