You must be a member of TBE to enroll your child in Religious or Hebrew School.
· Attendance at Hebrew School and Religious School is required for all Bar/Bat Mitzvah candidates. Hebrew is an important skill for all students.


Preschool through Grade 5 of Religious School meets Saturday mornings.

· Preschool 3-5th Grade enjoy a short music class each session.
· We have our own holiday curriculum that focuses on different aspects of the Jewish holidays at each grade level.

Preschool 3
· Parent & Child monthly program designed to allow the parent & child to experience Judaism with a focus on home holiday observance.

Preschool 4
· Holiday Symbols & Shabbat
· Jewish Music & Stories

· Bible Stories (Creation through Moses)
· Holiday Symbols & Celebration
· Jewish music & stories

First Grade
· Consecration
· Introduction to Tzedakah & Mitzvot
· Bible Stories (Moses through Jonah)
· Jewish Holidays

Second Grade
· Introduction to Hebrew Alphabet
· Jewish Symbols and Ritual Objects
· The Synagogue: the Place, the People, the Symbols
· Torah: its Creation, its Parts, its Importance
· Jewish Holidays
· Trip to Shalom Street Jewish Children's Museum

Third Grade
· Israel: Land and People
· Torah Study
· Jewish Holidays
· Hebrew School begins with the basic Aleph-Bet, beginning reading, writing & prayers.

Fourth Grade
· Jewish Calendar
· Prophets, Judges, and Kings
· Jewish Holidays
· Hebrew- reading fluency, cursive writing, prayers & some conversational skills

Fifth Grade
· Jewish choices throughout history: Ancient Babylonia through Modern Israel
· Tzedakah (Mitzvah heroes & social action project)
· Hebrew-reading fluency, prayer vocabulary development and understanding, some  conversational skills.



Grades 6-10 of Religious School meet Sunday evenings.

Sixth Grade
· Jewish Life Cycle & Jewish Ethics
· Torah Study
· Bar/Bat Mitzvah Parent & Child Education (2 sessions)
· Hebrew- review prayers, lead standard Shabbat services, study Torah service in depth & gain some conversational skills.

Seventh Grade
· Study of Mitzvot
· Hands-on Social Service Projects
· Hebrew- B'nai Mitzvah Preparation with Cantor Hayut

Eighth Grade
· Modern Jewish History, Life in Eastern Europe, Ashkenazic & Sephardic Cultures, Immigration to America & Jewish Life in America
· Hebrew- Monday afternoon class focusing on Conversational Hebrew.

Ninth Grade
· Ethical Dilemmas: A Jewish Perspective
· Holocaust
     -Trip to Holocaust Memorial in West Bloomfield
· Israel- Modern History
· Madrichim (Classroom Aide) Training Program (once a month)

Tenth Grade - Confirmation (Taught by Rabbi Whinston)
· Spirituality & Kabbalah
· Liturgy & Writing a Service
· Confirmation Dinner and Service

11th-12th Grade Seminars
· "Jews on the Edge: Exploring Radical Jewish Culture" (First semester)
· "Henini, Now Who am I?" (second semester)




· Classroom and office aide opportunities for students in grades 10-12.



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Our Mission

We promote and nurture the beliefs and practices of Reform Judaism by cultivating a love and understanding of our Jewish heritage, stimulating fellowship within the Temple and in the Jewish community, and strengthening the bonds of loyalty with the Jewish people everywhere to bring near the age of universal peace through acts of righteousness in society at large.