Dayenu Circle: Action on Climate Change

We Are Dayenu, a movement of American Jews confronting the
climate crisis with spiritual audacity and boldpolitical action. We care deeply about equity and justice in our world and about the future we create for our children and future generations. We believe that together, drawing from our Jewish tradition, experience, and faith, we have the power to create real and lasting change.

Global warming does not create our weather patterns but intensifies and accelerates them. These climate changing impacts are now accelerating in strength and duration here in Southeast Michigan. Instances of flooding, wind damage and power loss from extreme storms are becoming more common, and Southeast Michigan’s infrastructure is ill equipped to handle the increasing volume of storm water and wind velocities we are now experiencing. In other areas there have been instances of drought, extreme heat waves and wildfires (Pacific Northwest); increasing strength and regularity of Atlantic hurricanes (Atlantic Coastal areas), and extreme winter storms that brought debilitating ice damage and electrical and heating loss (Texas). Impacts such as these will only increase if we do not change business or lifestyle as usual.

We need to make changes to our lifestyle that reduce our burden on the natural world as well as the built environment. We offer recommendations of actions to moderate our own impacts and make our voices heard for sensible legislation and regulations that will reduce our carbon dependency and increase clean energy sources. 

10 Ways You Can Fight Climate Change

Join us! Our TBE Dayenu group meets monthly on zoom on the fourth Wednesday at 7:30pm. Join the Zoom HERE.

For information, contact Cathy Marshall, TBE Dayenu Circle Chair,

Genesis of Ann Arbor Green Guidelines