“We are changed, not by what we receive, but by what we do.” 
-To Heal a Fractured World, pg. 149


Women of TBE/Sisterhood

  • encourages members to meet new people, renew acquaintances, and expand our networks
  • provides a useful and satisfying way to support our congregation and our community
  • opens opportunities for the creative energy, talents, and leadership potential of all its members
  • offers a supportive environment where every woman can delve deeper into Jewish life
  • gives members a worldwide identity and a voice through our affiliation with Women of Reform Judaism

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Building a sustainable future requires involvement from all of us. Women of TBE is an organization of women who come together for friendship, support, community, activism, learning and spiritual growth.

The Women of TBE have long played a vital role in the life of our community. Our mission is to promote the religious and cultural aspects of Jewish living for our synagogue’s women and youth.

WTBE/Sisterhood is continually looking for ways to engage women in all stages of their lives. We bring together women of all ages to share in fun, interactive, and spiritually inspired events.