TBE Youth Groups

TBE’s youth groups provide for a great deal of vibrancy in our congregation. We have opportunities for youth at TBE to come together for purely social activities starting in the 3rd grade up through high school.

Contact TBE’s Youth Director, Nikki Richardson, with questions.

AARTY: Grades 9-12

Under the leadership of its board, AARTY has multifaceted programming in the areas of spirituality/religion, community, social action, social events and education. AARTY members plan and implement their own programs, guided by their advisor. For more information contact the AARTY Advisor, Nikki Richardson.

Sorts of programing that AARTY is involved in:
Social action programs include the sponsorship of a High Holy Day food drive, Cookie-a-thon and other programs serving the community.

Members of AARTY lead High Holy Day services for high school and middle school students. Once a month, AARTY holds Shabbat services, which include creative liturgy and music. Affiliated with the North American Federation of Temple Youth (NFTY), AARTY provides members with opportunities to meet other Jewish high school students at regional gatherings on both the state and national levels. NFTY also sponsors a youth leadership summer camp in New York, regional summer camps and programs in Israel.

Other National Youth Programs
Goldman Union Camp Institute

Kadima: Grades 6-8

Kadima provides opportunities for middle school students to meet on a monthly basis for programs in the social action, religious, cultural and social areas. Kadima members meet with their advisor to design and plan their programs. During the course of the year activities include joint programming with other middle school-age youth groups from Reform temples in the region. Recent programs have included a shul-in, visits to area attractions, holiday services and retreats.

Rishonim: Grades 3-5

Rishonim meets monthly to give 3rd, 4th and 5th graders an opportunity to socialize in a setting outside of religious school. Events include holiday celebrations and other social activities.