Fall 2020 Religious & Hebrew School FAQ

Fall 2020 Religious & Hebrew School FAQ

When do classes begin?

Our preschool and elementary grades start school on Saturday, September 12th.  Middle and high school grades have their first class on Sunday, September 13th, and Hebrew School for grades 3-6 begins on Sunday, September 13th, and Wednesday, September 16th.  Click here for our Fall Semester calendar.

How do I look up my child’s weekly schedule?

Each grade’s class schedule is posted on our main school page, which you can reach here: http://templebethemeth.org/education/religious-school

You can also subscribe to our Religious & Hebrew School Google calendar, which will overlay our classes onto your regular Google calendar.  To subscribe, click here.

How will Hebrew School students sign up for their small group sessions?

A Sign Up Genius will be posted soon which will allow families to choose their time slots.  The link will be emailed to all registered families.

Do elementary students need a grown up with them at all times?

No, we do not expect parents to participate or stay by their child(ren)’s side during online classes.  If parents wish to do so, you are welcome to do so.  The only exception is our PS3 students, who will require a parent or adult with them at all times.

Will there be Zoom security to protect our kids from hackers?

Yes, we will utilize security functions such as Zoom waiting rooms to discourage Zoom bombing.  Luckily, no TBE programs have been attacked this year.

Will there be any optional outdoor activities where teachers will bring together small groups of students, either on holidays or other occasions?

Perhaps, though not through the school.  We are working with Nikki Feinberg, our Youth Director and the director of Camp Raanana, to organize optional in-person opportunities for our kids.  More on that will be coming soon.

Some schools are going to a hybrid of in person and virtual after September, assuming that all stays as it is with COVID. Does TBE plan on doing the same?

We are planning to have online classes at least through the Fall 2020 semester. In the coming months, we will explore the possibility of a hybrid or fully in-person program for the Winter/Spring 2021 semester, if we believe we can do so safely.

Which grade levels will receive Torah Toolboxes?  How often will students receive additional supplies?

All preschool and elementary classes, grades PS3-5th, will receive Torah Toolboxes this year.  Hebrew School students will also use them, so 6th grade will get them too.  Our middle school students, grades 6-8, will receive separate journals to keep track of their learning this year.

How will Confirmation work this year?

Rabbi Josh will continue teaching our Confirmation program, which adapts each year to meet the needs of the students and the times.  Our 9th and 10th grades will explore Jewish social justice as well as themes of Jewish decision making and adulthood.  For more specific questions about the Confirmation program, please contact Rabbi Josh at rabbiwhinston@templebethemeth.org