Religious School Programs Overview

The Terri A. Ginsburg Religious & Hebrew School educates and cultivates our students to enable them to thrive as Jewish individuals. Our program is sensitive to the needs of children of interfaith families.

Lower School (Preschool-5th grade) 

Saturday Religious School:

  • PS3 – monthly from 9:00-9:30am
  • PS4 – weekly from 9:00-9:30am
  • Grades K-2 – weekly from 9:45-10:45am
  • Grades 3-5 – weekly from 11:00am-12:15pm

This year, our elementary and middle school grades have a brand new whole school curriculum.  Each month we will focus on a new Jewish value through different lenses.  These classes will focus on building and maintaining our community of friends and learners.  In addition to this friendship-focused class time, each of our preschool and elementary students will enjoy regular music and library sessions.

Last year, our 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders experimented with an immersion-based Hebrew learning model called Hebrew Through Movement. This year, we are expanding the program to include all of our elementary students, K-5. Hebrew Through Movement shares the beauty of Hebrew as a real, spoken language, enabling young learners to get a taste of the sound and feel of the language long before they begin learning to read it. This exposure will make learning to read Hebrew easier and far more fun as they begin to recognize words they already know!

Upper School (Grades 6-12)

Sunday Religious School:

  • Grades 6-8 – weekly from 5:30-6:15pm
  • Grades 9-12 – weekly from 6:30-7:30pm

    We are overhauling our Middle and High School programs as well!  Our 6th-8th grades will take part in our whole school curriculum, where each month will focus on a new value.  Now, your 7th grader and your 3rd grader can discuss the different ways they are learning the same topics at the dinner table!

Our popular Confirmation program with Rabbi Josh will now include both 9th and 10th grades, as we expand it into a two year program. These students will meet together with Rabbi Josh, exploring Jewish decision making, different religions, and social justice.

Additionally, our Middle and High School students will have the opportunity to participate in  a new series of electives in an exciting new format! More information on electives will be coming soon.

Hebrew School (Grades 3-6)

Traditional class-based Hebrew decoding education does not work as well in an online learning model. So, we’re changing it up! This year, rather than meeting in grade level classes for two hours a week, our students will enjoy a more individualized, small group online learning model. By meeting in small groups of 1-4 students for 20 minutes a week online, our students will benefit from both more individual attention as well as a class that moves at their own pace.  With our new program, our students will receive much of the benefits of private tutoring while also getting to see friends and stay part of our Hebrew School community!

These 20 minute individual or small group sessions will meet during our regular Hebrew School class times, Sunday from 3-5pm or Wednesday from 4:30-6:30pm. We will post an online sign-up sheet, so you will be able to choose times that best work for your family. If Sunday and Wednesday afternoons do not work, please be in touch and we will find alternatives. 

In addition to the small group sessions, students will still participate in weekly learners’ tefillah with our clergy, where they learn to lead their friends in worship as they continue to prepare to become Bat and Bar Mitzvah.  These worship opportunities will take place in between small group sessions on Sundays and Wednesdays.

The library is an integral part of the Religious School curriculum, used both by teachers and students. We have computers with Internet access and Judaic programs. Our computer programs range in level from preschool through adult. Additionally, we have a Judaic Video Collection with over 200 titles including many Jewish and Israeli dvds. Each class visits the library multiple times each semester. Please note that books have a two-week loan period. You can call to renew at 665-4744 x 237 or email Clare, our Librarian. There are many volunteer opportunities for parents. Please come in to browse during Saturday or Sunday Religious School.