Passover Plague Donations

Every year at Passover, we take time to name the ten plagues and to think about the impact the plagues had on both the Israelites and the Egyptians. Today many people continue to suffer great hardships and loss as a result of disastrous events. As you prepare for Passover this year, please consider giving goods, time, and/or money to make a difference and help wipe out one or more of the plagues that surround us today. 

TBE’s Pulpit Committee has compiled a list of worthy organizations, along with their contact information, that address some of today issues. As you prepare for the coming holiday, decide how many organizations you would like to support. Do you want to support as many as possible or focus on one or two organizations more deeply? Perhaps at your Seder you can have a conversation describing why you chose the organizations you did. You may also want to discuss ways you will commit to addressing our modern plagues in the months to come. 

After you have chosen how you would like to help, click HERE to download a certificate documenting your actions.

Many Seders include an activity where participants remove a drop of wine from their cup while reciting the name of each plague. This certificate can be printed and used to collect the drops of wine during your Seder as well as using it as a guide in discussing how you plan to tackle our modern day plagues.

The Ten Plagues and ways to contribute to reducing hardships now:



    1. Huron River Watershed Council:
    2. Lesley Science Center:
    3. Howell Nature Center:


    1. Locks of Love:
    2. Help the Bees 
    3. Insect Conservation through the Xerxes Society:


    1. Huron Valley Humane Society:
    2. The Creature Conservancy in Ann Arbor:


    1. Ecology Center:
    2. SASHA Farm Sanctuary in Manchester, MI:


    1. Interfaith Hospitality Network at Alpha House:
    2. Safehouse:
    3. Ozone House: 
    4. Shelter Association of Washtenaw County:
      The Delonis Center is also in need of reflective tape which can be purchased and dropped off at the reception desk by the front entrance at Delonis.


    1. Back Door Food Pantry: 
      • Donate by sending a check in the mail to:
        Back Door Food Pantry
        2309 Packard St.
        Ann Arbor, MI 48104
      • Donations of granola, protein and gluten-free bars, moisturizing lotion and shampoo (avoid strong scents), and tea bags in labeled packages can be dropped off at the Social Hall on Tuesdays or Thursdays between 1 and 3 pm.
      • Volunteer information available at
    2. Food Gatherers:
    3. The Farm at St. Joe’s:


    1. Washtenaw Literacy:
    2. Jewish Braille Institute:
    3. NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness):

Killing of the firstborn

    1. Jewish Family Services:
    2. Black Lives Matter:
    3. Interfaith Council for Peace & Justice:
    4. Survivors Speak, an organization creating conversations about injustice: